Interdimensional Decay

by Sepsis

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skroll Great old school death metal from a promising young band. Favorite track: Reduced to Sludge.
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released October 25, 2019

Performed & written by:

Sam Hughes - Drums/Vocals.
Jacob Oiesen - Guitar.
Ballard Greedy - Guitar.
Ryan Oropeza - Bass.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jesse Lopez.
Produced by Desert Wastelands Productions & Camo Pants Records.
Art by Dandi Iskandar.
Logo by Sam Hughes.


all rights reserved



Sepsis Santa Cruz, California

Sepsis is a four piece Death Metal band from Santa Cruz, California.

-Sam Hughes: Drums, Vocals.
-Ryan Oropeza: Bass.
-Jacob Oiesen: Guitar.
-Ballard Greedy:

Signed to Camo Pants Records & Desert Wastelands Productions.
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Track Name: Brainsaw
Strapped down I await my death
The saw cuts deep inside my head
Spewing brains and chunks of flesh
A splattered, grisly, bloody mess

Choking on my guts I scream
The saw digs deep inside of me
Bloody foam spews from my mouth
Twisting, writhing, screaming out

Wretched sawing
Performing surgery

Slicing carving
Without a degree

Screaming crying
Sawing through my bone

Brutal hacking
At my fucking skull

Convulsing, dripping blood in misery
They extract my brain as I fucking scream
Drowning in cranial fluids as they come out of me
Brutal bloody death, brain surgery
Track Name: Perpetual Bloodvomit
Kneeling down
I feel it in my throat
Heaving hard
I begin to choke

Blood and guts
Rise up in my mouth
I lurch, I gag
I feel it coming out

Perpetual Bloodvomit
For eternity I will choke

Bloody chunks rising up
Vomiting out my guts
Scream in pain, gut-wrenching scream
Vomiting intestines
Track Name: Facial Deformities
Crawling inside of your face
Destroying it without a trace
Parasites burrow inside
Slowly and painfully die

Gnawing and chewing your bone
Put your eye sockets they crawl
Slithering out of your nose
Your body will soon decompose

Deep inside

Chewing through
Mangled flesh
Face deformed

Eating skin
Breaking through
Laying eggs
Inside you

Worms and bugs
Eat your face
Decaying and devouring

Slowly watch you die
Slither deep inside
Track Name: Voidrot
Trapped inside these endless plains
There’s only darkness, death, and pain

Floating lifeless in the dark
My speech is muffled, I can’t talk

I feel my blood freeze inside
In the void I will die
The pressure crushes my bones
Left to rot, stiff and cold

Freezing cold
Cracks my limbs
Frozen blood
Breaks through my skin

Pressure builds
My head is smashed
My frozen skin
Shattered like glass

I am naked
I am dead
I’m in pieces
No more that I can bleed

Muffled cries
From deep in space
Slowly dying
Icicles form on my face
Track Name: Reduced to Sludge
I feel my flesh decaying
As I lay underground
My body frozen stiff
I cannot hear a sound

I feel the same as I did
When I did live and breathe
Expect one thing is different
I feel I am deceased

I feel my skin decay
As my bones wither away
Through the eyes of my corpse
I watch death take its course

Slow decay
Rotting corpse
Lying in wait

Reduced to Sludge
My flesh decaying
It seems like I have died
But I still feel alive

Reduced to Sludge
Please come and wake me
I’m trapped inside this hell
I’m not dead, please help

Lead (Oiesen)
Track Name: Decomposing Piles of Rot
Falling from the sky
A painful death you’ll die
Nuclear radiation
Spreads across the nation

Pus filled wounds now form
Fetuses deformed
Your organs rot away
As your flesh decays

Cancer, death, skin corrodes
Deformed flesh, rotting corpse
Disfiguring, melting face
The human race meets its fate

Decomposing Piles of Rot
Lying wasting in the streets
Skin erodes
Track Name: Twisted Remains
Unwanted impregnation
After a night of fun
Coat hanger abortion
Just get it fucking done

Painful insertion in the flesh
Ripping, tearing, bloody mess
Rip your child out, watch it die
Twisting, writhing, as you cry

Twisted Remains

Standing there in horror
Infant corpse lays at your feet
Coat hanger abortion
A lifeless pile of meat

Staring at death
The discharged pile of flesh
Grab a kitchen knife
And stab it fucking twice
Track Name: Cyrogenics
Lying dormant
Wait for death
Inside your frozen fucking tomb

Ice surrounds you
There’s no hope
Soon you’ll see your frozen doom

Taken prison
None so cold
Submerged in frozen freezing cold

Frost encasing
Body parts
As you slowly freeze to death

Body freezing solid

Succumb to the cold

Disgusting mutations of science came to be
Destroying Earth with all their new technology
The Human Race is destined all to fucking freeze
Disgusting mutations of science
Track Name: Cosmic Coffin
Deep in space
Oxygen low
Looking for air

Gasping for breath
Face turning blue
Life gone too soon

Crying out
Lungs collapsed
Windpipe breaks
Choking fast

Life is drained
Horrid pain
Loss of breath
Slow and painful death

Cosmic Coffin
Deep in space
Rip the eyeballs
From your face

Cosmic Coffin
Choke on blood

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